Cancellation & Delay Information

Ohio winters can sometimes produce severe weather, and the Dover School District administration understands that our decision to close or delay schools in bad weather impacts families. We also understand that our students are best served by being in school. Our top priority is always the safety of our students.

In cases of inclement weather, Dover City Schools has a two-hour delay schedule, along with our full-day cancellation procedures.

This two-hour delay enables district personnel to have additional time to assess local weather conditions and allows road crews more time to improve driving conditions.

We are asking you to please make arrangements for your children in the event that either of these situations - a cancellation OR a two-hour delay - occurs.

On a 2-hour delay, all schools will open two hours later than normal and will end at the regular time.

Morning preschool is cancelled in the event of a two-hour delay.


Who will make the decision regarding a school cancellation or two-hour delay?

The superintendent, in cooperation with the transportation supervisor and local safety forces, will make the decision to either have a two-hour delay or cancel school.

How will we be notified about these situations?

When a decision to institute a two-hour delay or school cancellation is made, this decision will be announced on local radio and television stations. Also, a call will be made to your primary phone number through the district's new notification system. In the case of a two-hour delay, it is possible that road conditions will deteriorate or that an emergency condition will become more serious, and school could still be cancelled that day.

When will my child's bus arrive when we are on a 2-Hour Delay?

During a delay, transportation times will be delayed two hours. For example, if your child is regularly picked up at 6:50 am, your delayed start pick-up will be 8:50 am. This applies to transportation to non-public schools and for special education students as well. Students are asked to be at their stop five (5) minutes ahead of the delayed pickup time. Since buses might be running slow due to conditions, please dress your children appropriately.

Can I still drop my student off at the regular time if we are on a 2-Hour Delay?

No. When the district is on a two-hour delay, it is important that you do not drop off your children at school prior to the start time. Building staff will not be available to supervise them before the designated starting time.

Will my child still have breakfast and/or lunch on this schedule?

When the district is on a two-hour delay, breakfast will not be served. Lunch programs will run as usual with some change in starting times and possibly the menu.

Does my morning pre-schooler have school on these days?

No. When the district is on a two-hour delay, all morning preschool classes will be cancelled.

We appreciate your assistance in preparing for these changes to the school schedule. Please call your child's school or the administration offices (330-364-1906) if you have further questions.

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