Welcome to the Dover City School District's Treasurer's Department

Dover Schools is considered a low-cost, high-performing school district. Your school district has been used as an example in performance audits for other school districts throughout the State of Ohio.

Dover City School District's system of budgeting and internal controls is well-regarded. Our school district relies heavily on its local property taxpayers, as those taxes make up 46% of revenues for the school's governmental activities. Management has diligently forecasted and monitored expenses, so the last levy in 2008 stretched far longer than planned.

Since 1997, the State has directed its tax revenue growth toward school districts with little property wealth (which is unlike our District). Increase in mandates, rising utility costs, increases in insurance costs, the loss of tangible personal property taxes, and increased special education services required for our students compels our management team to plan carefully and prudently to provide resources to meet student needs over the next several years.

Kathryn E. Brugger, Treasurer/CFO

Amy Palmer, Assistant Treasurer

Vicki Rufener, Account Clerk 
(330) 364-7106 
Five Year Forecast
Five Year Forecast

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Professional Development Meeting Instructions
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Fundraiser Request Form

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