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A common impression of the school nurse is a sweet lady who waits for kids to have a belly ache or a scraped knee. Yes, school nurses administer first aid, but they also do so much more! School nursing services are becoming more complex all the time. Today’s students come to school with a variety of issues (physical, mental, cultural, and economic) — all of which impact their educational experience. The number of children with chronic conditions requiring ongoing care during the school day has increased. Some children often have specialized health needs requiring skilled care, such as tube feedings, catheterization, inhalation therapy, and injectable medication administration.

Statistics show that healthy students learn better. By identifying, evaluating, and addressing health issues, school nurses influence children in their ability to learn. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.

Mrs. Sherry Patterson, BSN, MA, RN

Mrs. Sherry Patterson, RN
Hello! My name is Sherry Patterson. I’m a proud graduate of the Dover Class of ‘79! I received an ADN from Kent Tusc. Nursing Program in 1987; a BSN and School Nurse Certification from Ashland University; and an MA in Wellness and Lifestyle Management from Rowan University. I’ve been a school nurse for almost 31 years! I came back to work for my alma mater in 2000 and it’s been a great ride! I’ve worked in all of the buildings over the years, but am now at South full-time. I’ve been married to my husband Dave for 36 years. Our kids, Amanda and David are both now married. Working with children has been extremely fulfilling. I strive to help them stay healthy so they are ready to learn. You can reach me at (330) 364-7113 or [email protected].

Mrs. Erika Homrighausen, BSN, RN

Mrs. Homrighausen
Hi, I’m Mrs. Homrighausen, I live in Dover with my husband and two children. I absolutely love being a nurse in the school setting. One of my favorite parts of school nursing is being able to promote health and wellness and provide health education to students. I believe that teaching healthy habits at a young age is so important, I love working with the students and families in the district to ensure a healthy environment at school. I truly believe that there is a “Dover Difference” and I will always work towards the betterment of the students and families in our community. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have: 330-364-7116.

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